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Are you looking to add an extra edge to your sports betting? If so, the JeetBuzz App is a great choice for punters who are seeking real-time updates and insights into their favorite events.

Download The JeetBuzz App

To Enjoy Hassle-Free Gaming Experience! For Android and iOS Devices

Offering a wide range of pre-match and in-play markets – as well as exclusive bonuses and promotions – the app makes it much easier for players to stay on top of all the latest odds and news. We’ve put together this comprehensive guide to inform bettors how they can quickly download the JeetBuzz apk onto their chosen device and start taking advantage of its features!

LanguagesEnglish, Bengali
Application version1.6.5
APK filesize22 Mb
Installed client size35 Mb
Cost of loadingFree
Supported operating systemsAndroid 4.1, iOS 8 or later
The application is available for countriesBangladesh
Access to live broadcastsAvailable after registration
Access to stakesAvailable after registration
Bonus Up ToBDT 10,000
Payments MethodsBank Deposit, bKash, Ngad, uPay, SureCash, USDT, OK Wallet, TAP

How To Download JeetBuzz App?

Nowadays we use apps to assist us in various activities of everyday life, to pay bills, we use the bank’s app, to open a call or request maintenance on our internet, we use the phone company’s app, and so on. But today we want to draw your attention to the apps for online betting, specifically to JeetBuzz Bangladesh, a great app that will make you want to stay betting for hours.

With approximately 20 years in the market, JeetBuzz has a vast experience and used all this expertise for the development of their app completely free, in which you will have at your disposal all the functions present on the house website, either in the variety of bets and all its markets, or with the online casino composed of numerous high-quality games. With this app installed on your mobile device, you can bet from wherever you are.

The compatibility of the application is very important because it is she who will say which mobile operating systems can run the application, 2 of them are the ones that dominate the market today, IOS and Android. So for an app to achieve a mass installation and the desired success, it is essential that it is compatible with the systems mentioned, otherwise, it may collapse and not achieve the expected result, continue with us and see in the next topics this point in the JeetBuzz app.

With the difficulty of older mobile devices, which have little memory and little space to install applications, mobile access was developed, in which no app download is required because the connection is made directly in the smartphone browser. The website of the accessed platform is programmed to identify when it is entered by a mobile phone or tablet, so it self-adapts to the proportions of the device screen, besides leaving all functionalities active.

JeetBuzz App for Android

With its launch in 2008, Android is the most used mobile system on the world market today, in fact, are almost 15 years of history, its success is due to having an open code, so it facilitates developers to create apps that run on it without problems. Usually, these applications are cataloged in the Android application store, Google Play, but it is also possible to download directly from a site for example, which have an apk extension.

Big brands like Samsung, Motorola, LG, and Xiaomi use this system to run on their device models, so it is easy to deduce the size of the dimension that it has worldwide. These companies develop their products with various configurations, usually, they divide them into simple, intermediate and top line, and as we are talking about apps, they usually charge some minimum requirements in the devices to be able to work without any problems.

Some applications require more and others less, this will depend on the purpose for which the application was created, the graphics, sound effects, and many other nuances, the fact is that betting apps usually do not require so much power of the devices, because most are very light and can run even on more modest devices, see below for example, the requirements for apk JeetBuzz runs on an Android mobile device:

SystemAndroid 4.4.2 or higher.
Capacity16GB or more.
RAM Memory2GB or more.
Mobile AccessBrowser updated on Google Play.

Downloading JeetBuzz apk for Android

It is common for bookmakers to provide the download apk of your application on the site, one of the reasons is the security for the bettors, because as already mentioned above, Android is open, being easier to develop apps, and unfortunately bad people put applications with the name of the houses and are software to steal data, then when the platform itself offers the mobile program is guaranteed to be genuine.

To download JeetBuzz app has no secret, as we said, on the site of the house you will find the link to download the apk for Android, click and wait for the completion, check the table of requirements illustrated in the previous topic, any device currently has a higher configuration than the app requires, then even your older phone that is stopped, will be able to work JeetBuzz apk.

Installing JeetBuzz apk for Android

After the end of the download JeetBuzz is time to install the app, click on the downloaded apk file to install it, the setting to enable installation of unknown sources need to be active, now just wait for the end of the installation and ready, your application will be ready for use, you can use the account that was created on the website of the house to enter the application, if not created yet, you can do it by JeetBuzz app itself Android, is very easy and fast.

It is worth noting that JeetBuzz is totally against the registration of minors on its platform, being totally rigorous against the breach of this rule, and as the house performs the identity confirmation is impossible to circumvent this rule, it is important that the platform has this position, because it conveys to its customers the seriousness with which it works and respects the existing laws, regardless of the country in which it operates.

Updating JeetBuzz apk for Android

Like any other application, the betting apps also have their updates, either of some security mechanism, some new feature available on the platform or even a new layout that the house has implemented, a fact that to have a good experience is recommended to be with your application always updated according to the latest version available on the site, avoiding possible bugs in older versions.

The update may be given by some warning in the app itself, then it will be necessary JeetBuzz download the new apk on the platform of the house and install on your device, but anyway it is recommended that you always stay on top of news on the site, so when a new version appears, already being aware is easier to perform the necessary update and not miss any news of this amazing application.

JeetBuzz App for IOS and Windows

Unlike Android, IOS is different, as it has a much more complicated system, and for this reason unfortunately the JeetBuzz app IOS does not have a compatibility with it yet, as well as the Windows mobile system, but we believe that JeetBuzz’s development team is working hard to make your app work as soon as possible in these 2 important systems that are present in millions of mobile phones of their customers.

But do not worry, the house website has JeetBuzz mobile access, where it is very similar to the access that you perform on your desktop, in the browser of your IOS or Windows Phone, go to the JeetBuzz website, as soon as you enter the platform it is automatically configured to the dimensions of your device, leaving your navigation much more comfortable, unlike those sites that are all unconfigured, making it very difficult to view and understand the information present in it.

Requirements for IOS mobile access:

SystemIOS 9 or higher.
Capacity16GB or more.
RAM Memory2GB or more.
Mobile AccessSafari 9 or higher.

Requirements for Windows Phone mobile access:

SystemWin Phone 8.0 or higher.
Capacity16GB or more.
RAM Memory2GB or more.
Mobile AccessInternet Explorer 11 or higher.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods in the JeetBuzz App

The alternatives of withdrawals and deposits of the bookmakers have to be well thought out, because this aspect is paramount to the success in the business of online betting, without the possibility of putting money on the platform, there is no way the bettor can perform his gambling, so it is very important that the house has a good number of options for the bettor to choose, in addition to having total control over how they work to provide the necessary support that customers need.

Another point is the deadlines, of course there are methods that the house can not do anything, but the most it can streamline, the better for the client, unfortunately many platforms take a long time in internal analysis to release the money, that the punters end up discouraging and sometimes even leaving that particular house for another, so the more agile this release deadline is, the more satisfied customers are.

The alternatives present on your JeetBuzz phone are very satisfactory, covers the options most used by the bettors today, and the deadlines are encouraging, for sure you will not lose much time waiting for your real money to enter your site account in the case of deposit, and in your bank account in the case of withdrawal, see below a table containing all the alternatives and deadlines.

Register and Log in to the JeetBuzz App

The first step for you to join, being part of the body of customers of some online houses of guesses, is your registration, there are several types of them, some simpler and straightforward, others more time consuming asking a lot of information, in JeetBuzz the form is considered reasonable, being able to fill it in a matter of minutes.

Look for the option “Open Account”, when you click it will open a window requesting data such as gender, your first name, last name, date of birth, your country, CPF, address, phone number, email and password to access the account, a question with security answer, the currency you will use, and if you want you can set a limit for deposits in your account, the options are, no limits, daily limit, weekly or monthly, to select any of the last 3, just set the amount, your account will be created and you ready to bet.

Available Sports in JeetBuzz Apps

The alternatives for sports in the JeetBuzz app are very good, you will have everything the site offers, such as Athletics, Cycling, Football, Swimming, Baseball and more, in addition to eSports that are a fever here in Bangladesh, the house has options such as Dota2, LoL, FIFA, CS:GO and many others, the platform has coverage of major sporting events, and their odds usually attract many bettors.

An interesting feature that the house has is the Cash out, many bettors consider it as an indispensable item, because it gives you the possibility to close your position in the bet before the end of it, so many customers can reduce their possible losses with this help.

JeetBuzz Casino App

JeetBuzz casino is extremely attractive, and the home app is much better, because the feeling is that you are playing a common mobile game, but with the great advantage that you can be winning a lot of money with it, the experience with the wide variety of games is very good, because all are of a very high quality, having excellent graphics, exciting sound effects, and a lot of fun involved.

It is possible to bet in the live house casino, the platform provides a real professional to interact with gamblers and conduct betting, as if it were a real-life casino, it is a great option for those who like to feel the adrenaline of betting against other people.

JeetBuzz Poker App

For lovers of one of the most popular card games in the world, JeetBuzz offers great poker titles in its app, the house understands that the high relevance of the game, there are several profiles of bettors who seek it, from the most amateur, to the most experienced.

Therefore, accessible entries are made available for all levels, but know that it is highly recommended that you know about the rules and functioning of the game so as not to lose money in vain. The game that is considered a sport of the mind is very competitive, so make sure you study hard before placing high bets.


  • Do I need to prove my identity to bet on the JeetBuzz mobile app?

    Yes, when you make your first withdrawal from the platform you will be asked to verify your identity, in which it is necessary to send a photo document, which can be your Identity Card, CNH or passport, the document must be in good condition and within the validity period, according to the legislation in force.

  • Do I have to open an account exclusively for the app or can I use the one already created on desktop access?

    It is not necessary to create another account to access the JeetBuzz application, even the house does not accept more than one account for the same person, because a single login is compatible in all accesses offered by the platform, if you have forgotten your username or password already created, the site has the option to retrieve them.

  • Why can't I deposit with my card and withdraw to my digital wallet in the JeetBuzz app?

    JeetBuzz both in its app, website and mobile access uses this policy to only authorize the withdrawal to be made by the method used for the deposit, the house acts in this way to prevent itself and also its bettors from possible fraud, contributing to the safety of its customers.

  • Can I change the currency type I have chosen when I open my JeetBuzz app?

    No, JeetBuzz does not allow its bettors to change the type of currency chosen at the time of registration, because of the license that the house has, and one of the guidelines prohibits this exchange, so it is very important that you pay close attention when choosing the currency you will use.

  • How does JeetBuzz support work for users who use the JeetBuzz app?

    JeetBuzz's chat is the fastest method for you to get help for whatever your problem is, including problems related to the application of the house, the support via chat works from 11 am to 11 pm in BD time.

  • Does the JeetBuzz mobile app work on Iphone, as I searched the App Store and couldn't find it?

    The JeetBuzz app was not developed for the iOS system, because of some Apple restrictions, probably in the future this may change, currently the application is only available for Android, but you can access from your iPhone by mobile access available, just enter the site by accessing the browser on your phone.

  • Is it possible to bet via the JeetBuzz app in real time?

    Yes, the app gives you the possibility to bet on matches that are happening live, besides having the option in many of them to watch the broadcast, giving you even more basis to make your guess, and the best thing is that JeetBuzz does not charge anything for this, besides having wide coverage in the largest competitions in the world.

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